Angel of Energy - 320 Hz

from Music of the Spheres - Twelve Angels by Cosmo Welfare

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Natural Tuning System with Pure Intonation
Instruments: Guitar - Strings tuned to 320 HZ > 5 HZ > E Major
Concert pitch A4 = 426.67 Hz
associated with the Solar Chakra
The solar chakra is the seat of our self-image as a person, it is the domain of all your identities.

This often has in spirituality the negative connotation of the "ego" - wrongly, because one can not transcend anything that one has not fully integrated before. Accordingly, developing a healthy, powerful personality is an important step in sustainable spiritual development. It is this personality that ultimately becomes the vessel for the soul through which it can express itself in the world.

In the solar chakra is connected above all with our digestive organs - a manifestation of its energetic function. Here, our experiences and more complex emotions are "digested" and brought into a mental structure. Here are the basics for thinking in mental terms, through which we process our experiences consciously and unconsciously. From this process arises a mental structure of thought-forms and beliefs that becomes our self-perception as a personality.

An identity as a person forms around our life experiences - in fact, it is more of a multi-layered collection of different identities. The solar chakra is the access to our inner identities in the form of stored experiences and fears, deep-rooted, unconscious thought and behavior patterns.

A major theme of the solar chakra is power and strength - in the best case in the form of self-confidence, clarity, integrity and ability to act as a person.

The solar chakra has a strong influence on our basic household of energy.

The solar chakra also hides our need and our drive to bring our own ideas into the world and to realize them there, to master challenges, to test ourselves. In the solar chakra lies the power for change, for discipline and self-transformation, but also the need for control.

The solar chakra processes our subconscious and thus also our gut feeling and is therefore also referred to by some as the 'abdominal brain'. In extended spiritual terms, a fully opened solar plexus chakra allows access to the morphogenetic / morphological field.

The purpose of the solar chakra is to see - to look out into the world and to compare with the self-concept. This is also true in a much more energetic way: Through the solar chakra we can perceive the surrounding emotional-mental field, intuitively we grasp the energy in our family, our circle of friends or the real feelings and thoughts of our interlocutor through this kind of spiritual vision.


from Music of the Spheres - Twelve Angels, released July 24, 2019


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Cosmo Welfare Bucks Mill, Minnesota

frequency researcher
natural tuning

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