Angel of Love - 352 Hz

from Music of the Spheres - Twelve Angels by Cosmo Welfare

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Natural Tuning System with Pure Intonation
Instruments: Bass - Piano tuned to 352 Hz > 11 Hz > F Major
Concert pitch A4 = 440 Hz
associated with the Heart Chakra
The heart chakra processes the experiences of love and the fine feelings and sensations associated with it. These feelings include love, compassion, surrender, grief, pain and gratitude.

The heart chakra develops our capacity for unconditional love and devotion. Through the heart chakra, we recognize the true nature of both duality and love. Here at heart is the pure, universal love of our soul at home, which can accept all people and events with non-judgmental acceptance. In the light of this love we feel our innermost truth and thus learn to discern without condemning it.

On the physical level, the heart chakra is connected to the heart and lungs. In the polar nature of these organs, we can see a strong symbolic power: the space the heart chakra opens up to us is beyond inhalation or exhalation, beyond tension and relaxation, it is the space in which all these things happen Space beyond duality. Through the heart chakra, we connect with the unconditional love of Oneness that underlies all appearances. Invisible like the air that is the element of this chakra, this unity behind things finally becomes palpable to us.

The heart chakra is also the chakra of relationships of real love. While the sacral chakra is about simple knit emotional relationships, the heart chakra opens the complex world of human love. Here, too, the heart and lungs, with their play of inhalation and exhalation and heartbeat, symbolize the play of relationships in polarity and duality.

Experiences of giving and receiving, loving and being loved, the ecstasy of returned love, but also the pain of rejection and loss, prepare you for a deeper level of love, the spiritual love of the soul and the divine cosmic love. The relationship extends to all levels of our existence as an incarnated soul: the relationship with partners, the relationship with the world, the relationship with creation, with God and with ourselves and our own soul.


from Music of the Spheres - Twelve Angels, released July 24, 2019


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Cosmo Welfare Bucks Mill, Minnesota

frequency researcher
natural tuning

128 Hz Reality Generator

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