Angel of Sound - 384 Hz

from Music of the Spheres - Twelve Angels by Cosmo Welfare

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Natural Tuning System
Instruments: Hand Pan - Bass - Vibes - Strings 384 HZ > 3 HZ > G Major
Concert pitch A4 = 432 Hz
associated with the Throat Chakra
The Throat Chakra is the chakra of expression, purity, alignment and truth. Its main function is that of a translator.

The throat chakra is the source of our understanding and communication skills.

It allows us to find our own truth as well as the opportunity to share it with our environment.

It expresses the uniqueness and individuality of our soul, through communication, but also through the creative self-expression in the world - through song, art, dance, music, acting, literature.

Here is the seat of truth, of wisdom.

People whose throat chakra is open are able to express themselves and their truth freely. They can openly express and express their feelings, thoughts and attitudes, in the full acceptance of their own weaknesses.

They are especially good listeners because they can understand not only themselves, but others from the higher perspective as well.

Also they can improvise well and are open to any kind of inspiration. These people talk in clarity and can put things in a short time in a nutshell.

The healing of the throat chakra begins where one's own inner truth is denied or distorted by ego identities.


from Music of the Spheres - Twelve Angels, released July 24, 2019


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Cosmo Welfare Bucks Mill, Minnesota

frequency researcher
natural tuning

128 Hz Reality Generator

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