Angel of the Moon - 288 Hz

from Music of the Spheres - Twelve Angels by Cosmo Welfare

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Natural Tuning System with Pure Intonation
Choir and Piano tuned to 288 HZ > 9 HZ > D
associated with the sacral chakra
concert pitch A4 = 432 Hz
The sacral chakra represents the creative flow of pure life energy, our relationship to aliveness, and our passion for life. It also plays a central role in expressing and feeling emotions.

The sacral chakra is all about the sensual experience of life, touching and tasting the world. Here, our desire as a soul is to interact with life in a joyful way, to participate in the creative play of life energy. The purest forms of vitality, joie de vivre, and emotional self-expression are part of the experience level of the sacral chakra. In the sacral chakra, we express our deepest need to let our life energy flow, to express ourselves, to experience life, to live our creative power.

The sacral chakra represents our experience as a creative, joyful life energy. The connection of the sacral chakra with the gonads and internal sexual organs is the outward manifestation of its connection to the creative power of life - the ability to become the channel for life.

Sexuality is only one aspect of the joyful, sensual and creative expression of our vital energy and our need to experience and touch the world. Emotions are another important aspect, only through our emotions, the earthly experience really, real 'for the soul, only the emotions allow a sensual, direct, intense and colorful experience of the world.

The sacral chakra is associated with the element of water and those organs that regulate the water balance in our body - another external manifestation of the flow of life energy. It is the sacral chakra that energizes the etheric body and the physical body. The sacral chakra is therefore responsible for our vitality and overall health.


from Music of the Spheres - Twelve Angels, released July 24, 2019


all rights reserved



Cosmo Welfare Bucks Mill, Minnesota

frequency researcher
natural tuning

128 Hz Reality Generator

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